Innovation as a Service


Promote innovation and partnerships.

New technological possibilities, changing customer needs and growing competition challenge your products and services. Developing innovative business models, increasing added value, combining the new and the proven, and establishing and developing mutually reinforcing partnerships will become core tasks. Only courage, innovation, a focused sales force, valuable partnerships, passion, and simple, reliable processes ensure sustainable success.

The INEXTR Innovation Community. 
Helps to live the existing innovation process.

The INEXTR Innovation Community connects companies, start-ups, investors, and institutions within Switzerland and in the entire German-speaking region and beyond. For this purpose, the INEXTR Innovation Community uses the marketplace of Innoloft, the largest digital B2B network in the German-speaking territory.

The platform is used by more than 5,900 players and helps to identify start-ups, development partners, innovative technologies, new business models, investment cases or potential customers. With this number of (digital) experts in the respective technology areas, we regularly implement new innovations in practice and provide established companies with development opportunities and project ideas.

With clear KPI's in terms of the number of ideas, ratings, concepts and prototypes, the innovation process is driven forward. INEXTR supports the adherence to the goals and ensures that at the end of the process concrete schemes are created.