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Project Management as a Service


Lack of project resources for specific topics.

Projects are temporary tasks which have to be implemented in a goal-oriented way. Specific know-how, integrative teamwork, leadership, and a simple, structured approach are decisive success factors. Successful projects require the right resources.

Specific subject knowledge and project management resources of the necessary quality are not always flexibly available in the company. It makes sense to have access to targeted services that support the achievement of project goals. Fast, uncomplicated, transparent and of high quality.

Our service.
For the entrepreneurial future of our clients.

INEXTR supports companies in the planning, execution, and implementation of projects. We assume overall responsibility or provide targeted support for individual tasks. Not detached and from the distance, but right in the middle. Where the support is required and impact is achieved.



Missing resources are provided by a network of people with specific knowledge and many years of experience.  With all necessary services.

Our goal is to support you in such a way that you can concentrate on your core tasks, but always have the certainty that the projects will develop in a goal-oriented manner and according to specifications.


Your benefit

  • Clearly defined process - careful, efficient and personal implementation.
  • Close coordination with the existing resources on site.
  • High flexibility and targeted support. As much as necessary - as little as possible.
  • Full service with regard to the specialists used (recruitment, management and accounting).
  • Clear responsibilities and professionally qualified contact persons.
  • Transparent, performance-based costs.