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Strategy as Service


Companies in transition. 

Companies are confronted with far-reaching changes. Innovative technologies, shifting customer needs, digital processes and new business models challenge companies and require strategic adjustments. New ventures with promising business models are increasingly pushing into the market and changing the rules of the game. Innovative products and services as well as clear strategies, customer focus and digital processes are in demand. We support and accompany with the following principle: improve existing practices - develop new ideas - change current processes.

Our service.
For the entrepreneurial future of our clients.

Holistic solutions for companies and their challenges - accompanied step by step into a successful future.

Phase I:

Together with you, we assess the current company situation in terms of market, products, services and performance range, strategy, structures, and processes. This results in a comprehensive assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. This is the basis to identify opportunities and risks and develop future scenarios.

Phase II:

Subsequently, we derive strategic directions together with you and concretize them with clear statements. On this foundation, discussions about the future of the company can be held in a structured manner and decisions can be made in a solid and considered manner.  

Phase III:

Based on the decisions made, projects are implemented. If required, we support and accompany you in concrete topics. 

Our roles.
We support our clients in different capacities.

  • Interim Manager / Project Manager
    On the operational level, where relevant know-how or resources are lacking
  • Moderator / Coach
    As a companion, advisor or mentor for difficult processes and specific challenges
  • Board of Directors / Sparring Partner
    On the strategic level, where the competence of business optimization makes sense in an increasingly digitalized environment